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SPECIAL EDITION! An Interview With Dustin Pari

I have been fortunate to get to know Dustin Pari through a couple of meetings at paranormal events and pretty ongoing conversation through both Facebook and Twitter. In my 50+ years on this planet, Dustin would qualify as one of the most down to Earth, accessible and easy - going people I have met that had the right to attach the word "celebrity" to their name. Dustin was kind enough to grant me an interview and I share it with you now. So, without further ado, I present Dustin Pari, the "Paranormal Rock Star"

Q -    What got you into the paranormal?

A - I saw what I would classify as a Shadow Figure when I was around 9 years old, living in a home in Providence, RI.  It was just standing in the doorway, completely backlit by the hallway and kitchen.  It left me curious as to what it was and why it was there.  To me, the Shadow Figures are the ones that I still find most intriguing as they have been so elusive in leaving clues as to their true nature and purpose.

Q -   Had you not become employed as a paranormal investigator/television celebrity, what field do you think you’d be in?

A - Whilst I was on the shows, and still today, I split my work time several ways. I work daily as an Anesthesia Technician, sedating and monitoring patients for facial and oral surgery procedures; I also work as a Camera Operator for the Pawtucket Red Sox organization, filming the players and fans during home games. 
      I founded the Patch Ministry, and spend time on-line daily, trying to spread the word of God in a way that focuses on relationship and modern day application, rather than rules, judgment and blind obedience. 
      I've written two books with Barry FitzGerald, and have a few more of my own in the works. 
      Previously I was employed as a Cardiac level EMT and also Operations Director for a private ambulance company, and I worked for CBS and FOX television as an Editor, Camera Operator, and Live Technician. I've also worked several years in Marketing and Advertising. I'm a Renaissance man.

Q - Favorite color?

A - Orange...or is it green...no, orange... I think.

Q -  Favorite food?

A - I appreciate a good meal like so few others truly can. Though I am passionate about my workouts, my protein shakes and Chobani yogurt (seriously the stuff is awesome), I usually eat pizza, grilled cheese, Rib Eye steaks and Chicken Cutlets. All that said, I would be lying if I stated anything other than this: my heart belongs to dessert- especially pie. Almost any pie will do, but if you have a Pumpkin Pie, it is most preferred. 

Q - What is your “Guilty Pleasure”?

A - I would say 80's music, but let's be honest- it was a great decade for music, so there is nothing to feel guilty about.
      Perhaps the "Weekend at Bernie's" movies... For some reason, when I am sick, if I can just lie in bed, eat Pork Fried Rice, watch The Price is Right and the "Weekend at Bernie's" movies, everything will be alright.

Q - Where do you see the “paranormal craze” in ten years?

A - Probably off of television... or at least not as prevalent as it is today. But those true to the field will still be seeking answers. The pretenders will have moved on. Their flashlights long forgotten in the basement of yesterday, and hopefully the nonsense they presented as truth, forgotten.

Q - What, if anything, is the biggest benefit of having celebrity?

A - The platform gives the opportunity to reach many people and influence their lives.  Of course, the amount of influence depends on the individual on both ends of this relationship. I wish more people took that seriously.  Even if you don't think people look to you as an example, or you don't want them to, someone, somewhere, does. And thus, you have to do the right thing and not indulge yourself in inappropriate activities, nor conduct yourself in a way that would lead others astray. 
      Also, I sometimes get discounts if this one kid is working at D'Angelo Sandwich shop. I dare not give his name as I wouldn't want him to lose his position, nor I lose my discount. I've come to appreciate a full sized steak and cheese sandwich at a fraction of the price. God bless him.

Q - What is the biggest down side?

A - Being thrust into any spotlight can make you the center of attention, however, it also sets you up as a pretty little target for haters.  I don't sweat it much though. Haters can be motivators as well. 
      Anyone who has ever met me and spent any time with me knows what I am about and how I roll. I'm all about God, love, respect, honesty and awesomeness. If people want to hate on that, go ahead, just be sure to shut out the light in your parents’ basement before you go to sleep. Those lights are powered by hard work, which is done at a job, which I suggest you get, as soon as you log off of Facebook. 

Q - Is there anyone that you’d like to work with?

A - I've had the pleasure to work with some truly great people over the years on various programs and have some great friendships because of it. John Zaffis, Barry FitzGerald, Robb Demarest, Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, Kris Williams, just to name a few, are people whom I truly enjoyed working with, and learning from, and that I still work with today.
      Off camera, I've been thankful to have met guys like John Tenney and Thomas Durant who are very insightful and passionate about what they do, and have been very helpful to me in helping out clients in various parts of the country, and even overseas.
      All that said, I should probably answer the question. I wish I had the opportunity to have worked with Dr. Hans Holzer, who was a true pioneer in this field. Fortunately I have had the occasion to meet and work with his daughter Alexandra, who carries the torch for him, still charting the other side.
Q - If you had the opportunity to say one thing to the entire world, and knew that they’d all listen, what would it be?
A - In a world chock full of negativity, be a rebel, live for the light. If you go out of your way to spread darkness and anger, you are doing a disservice to everyone, including yourself.
      Life isn't easy, but it is beautiful.  Live for others. Be helpful. Be courageous. Stand up for what you truly believe in; be willing to give your life for what is right.
      Build a solid foundation for your dreams and work every day to achieve them; And when you do, build another foundation for what’s next. Never give up and never surrender.
      (It appears to be a little more than one thing, but if you look at it, it’s all part of one whole. I'm passionate about this, forgive me)
Thanks for reading my interview! Rock on and God Bless, - D.Pari

A note to my readers; I will return with my regular blog entry next week.

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  1. WOW, all I can say is WOW! Dustin I've said it before and I will say it again, you are a "God send" and such an inspiration to so many...Keep up the good work! You just keep on amazing me....Thank you!!! It's refreshing!